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Deep learning is the machine learning technique behind the most exciting capabilities in diverse areas like robotics, natural language processing, image recognition and artificial intelligence.

Image Scanning and Processing

In order to extract various product-related information, a company in the logistics industry approached OZOS Matrix to help them with an AI solution that enabled image scanning and processing of product information. This scanned information had to be sent to a web application for further analysis.

AI for Fashion

With AI, you can create a personal shopping assistant for your customers. you can show popular picks and target customers who are more likely to buy your products. Creating a fashion / personal shopping assistant with AI will help you eliminate much of the researching process on both ends .

Augmented Reality

Looking for a customized Augmented Reality (AR) | Virtual Reality (VR) | Internet of Things (IOT) application for your organization.Our Team of Experts will work along with you and deliver the exciting experience perfectly based on your needs.

DL neural networks

With our AI, retail teams across the globe have access to a central brain that extracts critical data from products and customer behavior. Retail teams can automate key functions and deliver personalized experiences to each shopper, increasing RoI on every function in the organization.

Machine Learning on AWS

You can choose from pre-trained AI services for computer vision, language, recommendations, and forecasting; Amazon SageMaker to quickly build, train and deploy machine learning models at scale; or build custom models with support for all the popular open-source frameworks.

Deep Learning AMIs

Deep Learning AMIs provide machine learning practitioners and researchers with the infrastructure and tools to accelerate deep learning in the cloud, at any scale. You can quickly launch Amazon EC2 instances pre-installed with popular deep learning frameworks .

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To meet their requirements in the future, business users will use lightweight applications that are quick to adopt and easy to personally adapt.




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